Bubble Rolls or wraps are the epitome of packaging and protective perfection. From fragile items to heavy and bulky products, bubble rolls can be wrapped around a plethora of items that need to be cushioned.

Quality and Excellence in our products
All our products are manufactured here in the USA, using high quality, carefully chosen raw materials. Our Bubble rolls have a protective pliable transparent plastic material typically polyethylene, and commonly used for packing fragile items or products that need extra protection. Regularly spaced, protruding air-filled hemispheres (bubbles) provide cushioning for fragile items and protects them while shipping, moving or storing them.

The Bubble Rolls or wraps are generally available in different sizes, depending on the size of the object being packed, as well as the level of cushioning protection that is needed. Most common bubble sizes are :
Small (3/16″) , Medium (5/16″) , Large (1/2″)

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%Premium Quality Bubble Rolls and Flexible Packaging Products %3A PRODUCTS LLC

Customer Satisfaction is highly important to us, hence we provide opportunities to our customers to get their products customized as per their requirements.

We can custom these rolls as per customer specifications and use :

  • Different lengths and widths
  • Bubble sizes
  • Perfed/Non-Perfed
  • Colors – clear, green, red etc,
  • Anti-Static/Regular

Most common lengths are 175′, 300′, 220′, 240′, 500′ and common widths are 12″, 24″ or 48″. Each roll can be customized to your requirements.

We, as manufacturers, have the capability of doing perforations at different lengths and adjusting dimensions for providing the most convenient sizes for your products.

  • Kraft Bubble Rolls
  • Anti Stat Pink Bubble Rolls
  • Green Bubble Rolls
  • Bubble Out Bags (Self Seal)
  • Bubble Out Bags
  • Bubble Sheets
  • Custom Color Bubble Rolls
  • Foil Laminated Bubble Rolls
%Premium Quality Bubble Rolls and Flexible Packaging Products %3A PRODUCTS LLC

When your products are sensitive to electrostatic discharge, we have Pink Anti Stat Bubble that can give them additional protection.

These rolls can be made in custom lengths, perforated or non perforated, perforated at custom lengths.


Our premium Bubble Rolls / wraps, bags and sheets can provide the ultimate protection for a wide range of products. You can slip the items directly into the Bubble Outbags or cover them with Bubble sheets or wrap the the Bubble Rolls around them. So whether you are storing your valuables or shipping them from one place to the other, our Bubble products can provide a one stop solution for your packaging needs.

%Premium Quality Bubble Rolls and Flexible Packaging Products %3A PRODUCTS LLC
%Premium Quality Bubble Rolls and Flexible Packaging Products %3A PRODUCTS LLC

A unique way to keep fragile items safe is by wrapping them up in bubble out bags. Our lightweight and high-quality bubble bags address this effectively. You can t put the product inside the protective bag, peel and seal with the self adhesive strip  easily.  It not only provides protection but is a cheaper and lightweight option to protect items while shipping and in transit. Our durable and long-lasting bubble out bags provides exemplary security from vibrations and shock abrasion.

  • Made from High-Quality Bubble Film
  • Available with or without Tape
  • Can be customized to have a lip or not
  • Packaged in boxes of size 24” X 24” X 24”
  • Feasible for multi-purposes
Sizes4x 5 1/2" (1500 pcs/ carton)
Sizes4 x 7 1/2" (1100 pcs/ carton
Sizes6 x 8 1/2" (650 pcs,’ carton)
Sizes7 x 8 1/2" (550 pcs,’ carton)
Sizes7 x 1 1 1/2" (400 pcs/ carton)
Sizes8 x 1 1 1/2" (350 pcs/ carton)
Sizes8 x 15 1/2" (300 pcs/ carton)
Sizes8 x 17 1/2" (250 pcs/ carton)
Sizeslox 15 1/2" (250 pcs/ carton)
Sizes12×11 1/2" (250 pcs/ carton)
Sizesf2x15 (200 pcs/ carton)
Sizes12×23 In" ( 150 pcs/ carton)
Sizes15×17 In " (150 pcs/ carton)
Sizes18×23 1/2" (100 pcs/ carton)
%Premium Quality Bubble Rolls and Flexible Packaging Products %3A PRODUCTS LLC

We can customize the size of the the bubble outbags to provide a better fit for your products and keep them secure. We can also manufacture Anti-Stat Bubble Out bags for sensitive products. Our manufacturing capability  also gives us the ability to makes these bags in any color that is compatible with your promotional strategy.


These specialized Bubble rolls are created by laminating a small bubble ( 3/16″) polyethylene film to a metalized film. This serves the dual purpose of providing cushioning for delicate and fragile items and creating a cool shield for items that have special temperature requirements during short transits. These rolls have an additional advantage of being an effective barrier against moisture and humidity.

%Premium Quality Bubble Rolls and Flexible Packaging Products %3A PRODUCTS LLC
%Premium Quality Bubble Rolls and Flexible Packaging Products %3A PRODUCTS LLC

For items that require some additional protection and privacy, we manufacture Kraft Bubble Rolls which are lightweight and flexible. These rolls are created by laminating a layer of brown kraft paper with a polyethylene small bubble (3/16″) film.